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Wristcam review: The most feature-complete Apple Watch accessory to date

Designed to be a wearable camera with full integration with the Apple Watch, Wristcam is an impressive achievement that pushes the watchOS platform to its absolute limits. It’s a unique product that will ultimately only appeal to a niche market because of its price tag.With no accessible ports and limited wireless connectivity, the market for Apple Watch-dedicated accessories is decidedly restricted to a handful of typical categories: bands, cases, and chargers. Step outside of that trio, and you’re hard-pressed to find many options.In fact, over the years, support for Apple Watch from third-party accessories has actually gotten worse in some respects. GoPro added support for Apple Watch control to its app in 2015, but it wasn’t up to snuff and the feature was ultimately removed. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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