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When it comes to big tech, US government official incompetence is embarrassing and horrifying

The Congressional hearing on big tech antitrust matters on Wednesday was an embarrassment, and not a single governmental official there had the ability, will, or both, to bring any of the CEOs on hand to task.The very best you can say about Wednesday’s hearing is that it was bipartisan. But you can only say that because Democrats and Republicans alike displayed equal ignorance, and favored their own political careers instead of doing the job they said they were there for.Whether you think Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are shiny-clean saints, slightly murky figures, or outright criminal, it doesn’t matter. If there’s anything to get away with, they got away with it — and that was it, that latest round was over with nobody but the tech CEOs scoring any points. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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