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Users must return entire Apple Watch Series 6 package if Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop doesn't fit [u]

New Apple Watch Series 6 owners who find that their Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop fails to provide a proper fit are required to return the whole product — Apple Watch and band — to Apple for replacement.While a more logical, economical, and environmentally conscious policy would call for customers to send in the poor fitting band for replacement, Apple requires a complete return because the setup is considered a “configure to order” purchase. The policy was noted by new Watch owner Eli Hodapp, who shared an interaction with Apple support on Twitter.”My choices are deal with the wrong sized band, or return the entire thing (watch and band) then re-order one size down which will not arrive until late November,” he said in a tweet. “I wish I could figure out why the Apple product experience once you get anywhere near support is a complete nightmare.” Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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