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Sonos One SL speaker now more power efficient, easier to recycle

To meet sustainability goals set by the company, Sonos is refreshing the design of its One SL speaker to use less power and be easier to recycle.For the last few years, Sonos has committed itself to do better in regards to environmental sustainability when it comes to its products. On the Sonos corporate responsibility site, a paragraph reads, “Sonos builds premium sound experiences. To us, premium also means responsible.” To do this, Sonos has begun making sure that the paper included in the packaging is sustainability resourced.Now, Sonos is refreshing its Sonos One SL, a pared-down version of the Sonos One. Not only is the Sonos One SL slightly cheaper, but it also lacks the microphones of the Sonos One, making it an obvious choice for privacy-minded individuals. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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