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Sonnet DuoModo Review: Modular & compact Mac mini PCI-e and eGPU expansion

On Tuesday, Sonnet announced the DuoModo expansion system that can enclose your Mac mini, and either PCI-E expansion cards or a video card, in a compact space not much larger than just an eGPU enclosure itself — and we’ve been creating content with it for a month.A PCI-E breakout box for Thunderbolt equipment isn’t a new concept — the eGPU sprung from the idea. However, until Tuesday, there weren’t any cohesive systems allowing a user to enclose a Mac mini and either GPU or PCI-E expansion in a single enclosure, much less a modular one allowing you to customize an enclosure with exactly what you need.Sonnet DuoModo system: Enclosures and modularity Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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