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SolarWinds hackers stole data from Microsoft's customer support system

A hacking group believed to be responsible for the SolarWinds breaches used access to Microsoft’s support tools via a compromised customer service agent’s computer, a breach that enabled the hackers to perform further hacks against Microsoft’s customers.Disclosed on Friday via a blog post, Microsoft confirmed its investigation into the Nobelium hacking group found “information-stealing malware” on a computer used by a customer support agent. As the computer had access to “basic account information for a small number” of customers, Microsoft believes the data was used to launch “highly-targeted attacks.”Microsoft claimed to have “responded quickly” to the breach, removing access and securing the device. Support agents are also allegedly configured with the “minimal set of permissions required” as part of Microsoft’s Zero Trust “leased privileged access” approach regarding customer information. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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