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Security Enclave vulnerability seems scary, but won't affect most iPhone users

Security researchers have recently revealed a vulnerability in the Secure Enclave Processor, but while the data store for sensitive information means data including Apple Pay details and Face ID biometric records are potentially at risk to attackers, the reality is that it is still extremely unlikely to be a major issue for the vast majority of Apple customers.The Secure Enclave protects biometric data used for Touch ID and Face ID. On July 24 at the MOSEC Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai, China, a talk by security researcher Xu Hao of Team Pangu revealed there was an issue with Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor. The team was able to discover a problem with the chip that made it vulnerable, one that it deemed to be “unpatchable” by Apple. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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