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Review: VOCOlinc PureFlow is the only HomeKit air purifier you need

No-one really pays attention to air quality in the home, but with pet dander, allergens, bad odors, dust, and more filling our homes, there is a huge benefit to adopting an air purifier. The new VOCOlinc PureFlow has not only the title of the very first HomeKit air purifier, it is also a bargain and a healthy change.Apple has supported air purifiers within HomeKit for quite some time, but no solutions entered the market until recently, leaving users with few options. We ourselves explored options including automating “dumb” air purifiers with an air quality sensor coupled with a smart plug, along with using HomeBridge to connect our Dyson air purifier and Xiaomi Mi air purifier.But still, no real native HomeKit solution surfaced on the market. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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