Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 – Real World Comparison after 1 month

I started out my smartphone experience right at the launch of the very first Android phone, HTC’s G1 and stuck to that OS until the last couple years. We’ve been comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 against the iPhone 8 and iPhone X for over a month now and I think it’s time to talk about the real world differences between these two flagship devices.
Source: macinsider

Tech Stocks This Week: Apple's Acquisition, Twitter's Threads, and More

Despite being in the middle of earnings seasons several major headlines in tech surfaced this week Some of the most interesting news was Apple s NASDAQ AAPL acquisition of music discovery service Shazam Twitter s NYSE TWTR launch of its new threads feature and
Source: NASDAQ

A Year in Berkshire Hathaway’s Tech Stocks

Though he has since changed his mind Buffett famously avoided tech stocks for more than the first 30 years of his investing career In an interview from the mid 1980s Buffett said that the technological revolution had gone right past him and he hadn t found any tech companies
Source: NASDAQ

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