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Only 10% iPhone owners plan upgrade to 'iPhone 13,' poll finds

An informal poll conducted last week suggests one in ten iPhone owners plan to upgrade to “iPhone 13” this fall, though fence-sitters could be swayed by surprise features.In a survey of 1,500 iPhone users, found only 10% are committed to purchasing Apple’s next-generation iPhone at launch, with 64% saying they have no plans to upgrade. Another 26% are undecided, though new features could push this group to the buy category.Among this year’s rumored enhancements, customers are most interested in satellite communications, camera improvements and more capacious batteries, the study found. Some 27% of existing iPhone owners who plan to upgrade are excited about low-earth orbit satellite connectivity, while 22% are most interested in camera and video features. A larger battery and faster processor also rank at the top of owners’ wish lists, with a respective 15% and 14% of users looking forward to such improvements. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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