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Gaze detection could prevent others from snooping your iPad screen

A future iPad, iMac, or MacBook may offer a unique form of privacy for a user looking at sensitive documents, by tracking their gaze to work out what part of the screen they are looking at, while simultaneously obscuring the rest of the display with bogus data to throw off onlookers.Anyone looking at sensitive information in documents, both in printed form and on a device’s display, may be concerned about others looking over their shoulder to see what they’re reading. In cases where discretion and confidentiality is needed, this can be a big problem, and may limit the ability for the person to actually look at the information in areas where other people may be located.In the case of computer screens, filters are available that can limit the field of view that the display can be seen from to a narrow band. However, this isn’t practical for mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad, and the filters could also make the viewing experience worse overall for their intended users. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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