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Facebook considers telling users enabling tracking keeps app 'free of charge'

Facebook is considering adding new screens for both its main app and Instagram, to educate users that enabling tracking under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy will “help keep” the apps free to use.Following the introduction of App Tracking Transparency as part of iOS 14.5, apps have been working to incorporate the system-level prompt request. With it being in some advertising-focused apps best interest to convince users to continue allowing the app to track their device’s IDFA tag for marketing purposes, it seems that Facebook is doing what it can to encourage users to do so.Example notifications spotted by researcher Ashkan Soltani on Saturday as part of the social network’s explanation of rule updates show what Facebook is considering presenting to users, reports The Verge. The notices, which are depicted in both the Facebook app and Instagram, show the same text, and form part of a notification designed to be shown before Apple’s system-level ATT prompt. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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