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Exclusive: macOS Monterey Shortcuts interview with Matthew Cassinelli on the AppleInsider podcast

On this special episode of the AppleInsider podcast, we interview Shortcuts expert Matthew Cassinelli and discuss the advantages, issues, and bugs of Apple’s automation tool on the Mac — and using third-party applications.Since the public release of macOS Monterey, users can now create, edit, and sync their iOS Shortcuts directly on a Mac. Announced earlier this year at WWDC, Shortcuts on macOS will also slowly replace the previous automation tool, Automator, bringing one system to the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.Matthew Cassinelli previously worked on the original Workflow app, which was acquired by Apple in 2017 and evolved into the Shortcuts app. After staying on the team at Apple for a short time, Matthew became an independent creator, helping others learn Shortcuts, and reporting on new actions available with every update. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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