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Eufy owners privacy breached as app shows wrong cameras

In a major security and privacy lapse, users of Eufy cameras are not just discovering cameras owned by other users are viewable in their app instead of their own, but settings can be changed by those granted bogus access as well.Many connected cameras bought for security offer app-based viewing and playback of video feeds for convenience. On Monday, it appears that there’s a problem with the app, in that it shows feeds of cameras that aren’t owned by users.Initially spotted on Reddit, Eufy cam owners are reporting that attempts to log into the app provide complete access to another camera setup, seemingly in another country. As part of this access, the users are also able to see and change settings on the account and connected hardware, turn lights on and off, and also retrieve details like the camera owner’s email address. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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