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Apple's push for 3D will require voxel map of the world, claims VR evangelist

Apple is preparing for another “paradigm shift” that embraces 3D, according to VR and AR evangelist Robert Scoble, with predictions that Apple’s strategy involves creating a realtime 3D map of the entire planet, as well as more work on 3D audio and a headset like the often-rumored “Apple Glass.”Apple is thought to be working on “Apple Glass,” wearable augmented reality or smart glasses that can provide users with a mix of digitally-produced and real-world views. While the bulk of rumors and speculation have revolved around the hardware, Robert Scoble has forecast the kind of user experience to expect from Apple over the coming years.Starting at WWDC 2021, Apple will start to make announcements throughout the year about technological advances that it will be incorporating into its products, writes Scoble on Saturday. The announcements will apparently lead into “many new products, services, and experiences that will come for decades.” Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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