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Apple's carbon-neutral goal is a giant task, could echo through big tech

An examination into Apple’s environmentalism asks whether Apple could truly reach its pledge of making the iPhone carbon neutral, with comments from Apple’s executive leadership along with other environmentalists suggesting it is possible, but a very big task.Solar farm investments are one way Apple is pressing forward with being a carbon-neutral entity, with over 80% of energy used stemming from Apple-invested projects. Apple has made numerous strides in its bid to make itself more environmentally friendly, as part of an initiative to become carbon neutral across the entirety of its business by 2030. The lofty goal, which covers everything from the supply chain to the end of a product’s life, is being tackled aggressively, but the task is also massive in scale to undertake due to Apple’s size. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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