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Apple supplier working with medtech firms to advance non-invasive health tech

Apple partner supplier Rockley Photonics on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership with two major medical device manufacturers that could lead to advancements in non-invasive biomarker sensing on mobile devices like Apple Watch.As part of a pair of multi-year partnerships with two unnamed medical equipment and device manufacturers, Rockley will evaluate and incorporate next-generation non-invasive biomarker sensing technologies across a range of form factors, the company said in a press release.The tech will be used in devices that gather photonics-based data from different parts of the body with a goal of monitoring health conditions and providing early disease detection. Initial deployment is limited to medical facilities like hospitals and clinics, though Rockley expects the partnerships to forward development of real-time, non-invasive biomarker sensing in mobile devices for outpatient monitoring. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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