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Apple stops signing iOS 14.8 code for certain devices [u]

Apple on Monday ceased code signing iOS 14.8 for older iPhone models, effectively blocking downgrades to the operating system as new, more secure versions are prepared.The stoppage to iOS code signing impacts iPhone X and iPhone XR, though other handset models could follow in the coming days. Users who updated their device to iOS 15 or a subsequent point release of the newly released operating system will no be able to downgrade to iOS 14.With iOS 15, Apple is no longer forcing users to adopt its next-generation OS to receive the latest security patches, meaning the company will offer regular updates to iOS 14 devices as part of a separate release track. Users who opt to continue with iOS 14 will see two software update choices in Settings, one for the latest iOS 14 version with bug fixes and another for iOS 15. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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