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Apple ready to ship new products, says serial leaker

A tweet by a prolific leaker suggests Apple is preparing to launch a number of new products, a list that could include the rumored “AirTags,” “AirPower,” “AirPods Studio,” and “AirPods Pro Lite.”Apple is rumored to have a large number of products, either being worked on or being prepared for launch to consumers, but the big question surrounding the rumors is when they will see the light of day. A tweet from serial leaker @l0vetodream suggests that something could be coming soon.Posted early on Sunday, the leaker simply wrote “in my dream some products are ready to ship” on Twitter. Though seemingly highly ambiguous and potentially applicable to any company on the planet, L0vetodream’s focus on Apple-related leaks, as well as a fairly accurate track record, lends weight behind the idea that it is Apple, and that a launch could happen in the near future. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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