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Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $503M for infringing patents

A federal jury on Friday calculated Apple owes VirnetX $502.8 million for infringing on the patent holdings company’s intellectual property, the latest in a string of verdicts related to the serial filer.The most recent verdict in Apple’s long-running legal war with VirnetX was handed down by a jury hearing the case in the patent holder-friendly U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.In this particular complaint, VirnetX once again brandished its VPN on Demand IP, claiming Apple’s FaceTime protocol infringed on the invention. VirnetX initially asked for $700 million, while Apple argued a more reasonable royalty rate of 19 cents per unit would produce $113 million, reports Bloomberg. The jury landed on 84 cents per unit, the report said. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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