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Apple joins tech companies in trying to halt WeChat ban

A number of major companies in the United States, including Apple, have called for the Trump administration to end an executive order that would see the banning of WeChat and TikTok in the country, under claims it would cause harm to US businesses trying to trade in China.The executive order that is set to ban TikTok and WeChat from use in the United States under the guise of trying to create a “clean network” free of “untrusted Chinese apps” has led to some strong feedback from critics, but with the potential economic problems that could occur from the action, companies have now brought complaints straight to the White House.In a call with White House officials on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reports more than a dozen multinational US companies have highlighted the potential issues they face with the Trump administration’s ban, which is set to take place in September unless it is stopped. The ban of WeChat could undermine the competitiveness of US companies in the second-largest economy in the world, the group claim. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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