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Apple iPhone 13 camera engineers discuss Cinematic Mode, recycling

In a continuation of promoting the iPhone 13 line’s updates to the camera system, Apple’s vice presidents who headed up the developments went into more detail in another interview, covering the creation of Cinematic Mode and working towards Apple’s environmentalist aims.Apple’s iPhone 13 launch heavily featured the cameras and associated features it is implementing in its 2021 lineup, which has prompted the company to talk more about photography in its promotional work. In a second interview with VP of Camera Software Engineering Jon McCormack and VP of Camera Hardware Engineering Graham Townsend, more information about the changes is uncovered.On coming up with the changes in the first place, Townsend said to GQ “The planning has to start about three years ahead, because that’s when we actually fix the specification of the silicon. So for instance, the sensor gets defined at that point and the A15 Bionic processor is also frozen. That’s when we have to begin to talk with Jon and predict the experiences that we want.” Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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