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Apple has taken steps to eradicate mysterious malware strain

Following the discovery of a new and unusual malware that had the potential to attack Macs running on Apple Silicon, Apple has moved to minimize any impact the maliciously-crafted software could have in the future.On Saturday, malware was revealed by by Red Canary researchers to use an unusual attack vector to install malware onto macOS. The cluster, named by researchers as “Silver Sparrow,” was also found to be an early example of malware that had the capability of attacking Apple Silicon Macs.More unusually, the malware seemed to be an in-development or test malware, rather than a fully-realized threat, as it lacked a malicious payload. However, it did have the capability to add such an item at a later date through repeated hourly updates. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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