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Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak

Apple on Thursday fired Ashley Gjovik for violating company policy regarding the disclosure of intellectual property, but failed to specify what confidential information, if any, was leaked. The senior engineering program manager has for the past few months publicly aired concerns over unresolved workplace issues including sexism and discrimination.Gjovik earlier today received an email from Apple’s employee relations team saying that an investigation into a “sensitive intellectual property matter” was underway. The representative recommended that they speak within the hour, but Gjovik requested adherence to past stipulations that all communications be conducted in writing as the correspondence would be included in an active National Labor Relations Board complaint, according to emails viewed by AppleInsider.Gjovik responded by reiterating a willingness to participate in the investigation and asked for a chance to address the claims, but the ER representative said the group would move forward without her input because she had “chosen not to participate in the discussion.” She was subsequently restricted from accessing Apple’s systems. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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