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Apple engineers partner with Cloudflare to improve internet privacy

Engineers at Apple are working with Cloudflare and Fastly to create Oblivious DNS, a new standard that can make it harder to track a user’s online activities.While the Internet offers various privacy protection measures for its denizens, including encryption and VPNs, one of the areas that are more easily trackable is the Domain Name System. Effectively the address book for the Internet, DNS enables the use of domain names that link to specific website IP addresses, making the entire system more usable to humans.However, the nature of DNS means it is sent and received between machines in cleartext, which is easily observed by third parties, making it a trackable item. Developments like DNS over HTTPS (DoH) make it harder for outside forces to change DNS queries to point to malicious sites, but it still makes it possible for user activities to be tracked. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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