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Apple doesn't dominate in most product categories — and that's a very good thing

In an increasingly tribal world where seemingly everything, including consumer support of trillion-dollar corporations, has turned into unwavering fandom and cheerleading, it’s easy for Apple users to forget that sometimes a moderate success, instead of a home run, is what’s best for everyone involved.There are arguably two hardware segments where Apple is the dominant product maker — that is to say, the company is believed, by market estimates, to control more than 50 percent of sales. Unofficial sales tallies suggest the iPad owns the tablet space, with a global share at or above 50%, while it has been said that the Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world.Just the iPad and Apple Watch — that’s it. In basically every other space — smartphones, computers, smart speakers, streaming set-top boxes — Apple has a respectable share of the market, but is not the dominant player by sales volume or user count. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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