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Apple CEO Tim Cook says 'big companies deserve scrutiny'

Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in an interview as part of The Atlantic Festival on Monday, where he discussed a range of topics from climate change to remote work and the company’s antitrust troubles.Speaking with The Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, Cook kicked off the remote interview by touching on environmental responsibility, a topic consistently lauded by Apple as a guiding principle. Specifically, he was asked whether recent catastrophic events, like the California wildfires, have the power to change opinions on climate change.”I think the sum total of all of these — the wildfires in the west that’s essentially burning millions of acres in the west, the hurricanes in the south in my hometown, the flooding that’s taken place in the northeast and the mid-Atlantic region — all of these together, I do believe, will convince the people that are not currently convinced about climate change” Cook said. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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