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Apple burns early iPad Pro adopters, loyal customers with Magic Keyboard incompatibility

In making the $349 2020 Magic Keyboard incompatible with the 2021 iPad Pro just a year after it launched, and not offering early adopters a reasonable upgrade path as an alternative, Apple risks burning its most devoted — and highest spending — iPad users.The first Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro first became available in in April of 2020. Notably, although they were announced together, the keyboard went on sale separately from the 2020 iPad Pro refresh — the Magic Keyboard was released more than a month after the iPad Pro got in the hands of consumers in March of last year.The Magic Keyboard offered compatibility not only with the 2020 iPad Pro lineup, but also the 2018 models, which featured a largely identical form factor. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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