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AirPods tool aims to tell the difference between clogs and faults

Apple has allegedly started to roll out a tool to Apple Stores that can perform an initial test on AirPods before being fully serviced, one that can determine if a loss of sound quality is a genuine fault or caused by dirt buildup.A common problem endured by users of personal audio devices is a loss of sound quality or volume over time. While it is possible that the hardware has developed a fault, there’s also the chance that the earphones could be affected by dirt blocking the airway, which could feasibly be rectified with a clean.In a tweet by serial leaker “@choco_bit” on Twitter, Apple is said to be providing a new audio testing tool for AirPods that will quickly work out whether the issue is related to too much gunk in the accessories or a real fault. The tool takes the form of a tray that’s slightly larger than an iPhone, and designed to seat an iPhone supplied by the store. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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