Apple Music overtakes Spotify in U.S. subscriber counts

Apple Music has pulled ahead of Spotify in the U.S. market, a major music distributor claims, with Apple’s streaming service said to have overtaken its main rival in terms of the number of paid subscribers from the United States.
Source: macinsider

Drake's Scorpion on Apple Music crushes Spotify in streaming

Scorpion, Drake’s fifth album, has smashed through his own single-day streaming record on Apple Music with more than 170 million streams in its first 24 hours. Spotify reportedly only reached about 76 percent of that traffic, despite claiming 120 million more users.
Source: macinsider

European Commission opens 'in-depth' investigation into Apple's acquisition of Shazam

The European Commission is investigating the proposed acquisition of Shazam by Apple, with competition concerns lengthening the time it will take for the regulator to approve or deny the purchase of the song recognition service by the iPhone manufacturer.
Source: macinsider

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