Apple clarifies only iCloud users in China will see data migration to Chinese server

Earlier this week, Apple notified users living in China that their data would be moved to a Chinese company’s servers in compliance with local laws. There was some confusion, however, as a number of customers who currently live outside of China received the same message.
Source: macinsider

Facebook Kills its "Answer" to Siri and Alexa

Facebook NASDAQ FB is killing M its 160 AI powered personal assistant for Messenger just two and a half years after its launch Facebook initially launched M in a closed beta in the San Francisco Bay Area in the hopes that it would evolve into a more sophisticated
Source: NASDAQ

Stock Rally At 100-Day Mark; Is There More To Come?

Blue chips set a fast pace Friday as the confirmed uptrend marked its 100th session 160 The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0 9 while the Nasdaq and the S amp P 500 added 0 7 each ibd display video id 3079997 width 50 float left autostart true The small cap Russell 2000
Source: NASDAQ

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