Video: How Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari works

Have you ever shopped for something on Amazon, and then noticed that other websites and even apps like Facebook are flooded with ads concerning that product? AppleInsider explains how this happens, and how Apple’s implementation of Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari works.
Source: macinsider

Consumer Sector Update for 01/12/2018: YELP,TOUR,WMT,GM,GME,AAPL

Top Consumer StocksTop Consumer Stocks WMT 0 83 WMT 0 83 MCD 0 10 MCD 0 10 DIS 1 40 DIS 1 40 CVS 0 56 CVS 0 56 KO 0 04 KO 0 04 Consumer stocks were finishing solidly on positive ground with shares of consumer staples companies in the S amp P 500 Friday reversing a prior decline
Source: NASDAQ

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